An EcoArt project
by Lise Wulff


UNEP HQ in Nairobi

During the UN Evironment Programme’s Governing Council 2013, artist Lise Wulff did two installations of her ecological art project The Scream from Nature.

One of the installations was made with seedlings. Placed alongside the roundabout of the HQ’s main entrance, the green Scream from Nature symbolized hope for a greener future.

Mr. Nick Nuttall, UNEP spokesperson and Head of Communication, wrote the following about why UNEP wanted to collaborate with The Scream from Nature:

The Scream from Nature initiative, harnessing the iconic image of Munch’s painting, is an excellent way of raising national and global awareness of the challenges facing humanity. It can also serve to bring forward the inordinate opportunities for a transition to a low carbon, resource efficient inclusive Green Economy – we are delighted that this inspiring campaign will assist in focusing attention on UNEP’s work towards a sustainable world where a scream is transformed into a call for action and a sigh of relief that we have found a fresh, clear and better way forward for seven billion people.

See the making of the seedling Scream here >>>