An EcoArt project
by Lise Wulff


The Partnership for Change Conference

At the Partnership for Change conference in Oslo the 15th of May 2014, the 300 participants made a Scream from Nature with solar lamps from BR!GHT Products

The solar lamp called SunTurtle recently received the RedDot Design Award. When used to replace kerosene lamps in rural areas without electricity, it will save the family fuel expenses, reduce indoor air pollution, improve safety and make studies and entrepreneurial activities easier.

300 SunTurtles were donated by The Pangea Foundation, a foundation which supports projects spreading information about the environment and how to reduce the ecological footprint. The funding is based on the credit card Pangea Ecocard, where 1% of the payments is directed towards positive environmental actions.

The conference was also the venue for announcing the three winners of Norway’s Best Scream Competition. A competition where 110 Screams from Nature were made by school classes all over the country. See the announcement of the winners and the making of the Solar Lamp Scream here >>>

After the event, the solar lamps will be brought by Partnership for Change to Myanmar. Follow our Facebook-page for updates on the SunTurtles’ way to Myanmar.

Photos by Erlend Mikael Saeverud and Lise Wulff