An EcoArt project
by Lise Wulff


Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza

In relation to the exhibition “Edvard Munch. Arquetipos” at the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid, EducaThyssen and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Madrid invited Lise Wulff and her eco-art project to the museum. 

EducaThyssen wanted to use the Scream from Nature in their Musaraña program, inviting schools to make their own Screams from Nature to be shown in the entrance hall of the museum. Information in Spanish about the project and how to take part can be found here >>

Further, Norwegian artist Lise Wulff was invited to speak about Edvard Munch, his view on and use of nature, as well as her own art works in nature.

Right: Edvard Munch, Kiss IV, 1902, woodcut

Right: Edvard Munch, Kiss IV, 1902, woodcut

A main theme of the speech was how everything is interconnected, clearly stated here by Edvard Munchs lovely woodcut Kiss, where not only the man and women melt into one, but even the material of the work melts into the rendered figures. Same theme, treated in a completely different manner, but also using wood, is shown in Wulff’s Woven Water. The water and the wooden boards have taken the place of the yarn as the interconnected threads of a weave.

The session also included a work shop where the participants joined in Wulff’s eco-art project the Scream from Nature, itself inspired by the famous The Scream by Edvard Munch.

FB IMG_0073-kopi

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FB 1 IMG_0089 kvad-kopi

Photos by EducaThyssen


See the powerful Screams made by Spanish schools as part of the EducaThyssen collaboration here >>> and here>>>