An EcoArt project
by Lise Wulff


…and you!

Yes, you can make a difference!

Join us on Facebook and Instagram. Make your own Scream and share it with the world:


Here’s a video for you >>>


Scream grid

Scream grid

Use your creativity. Choose a material – for example, collect waste, like plastic, metal or electronic waste that later can be recycled. Put it in the shape of the scream. If you need a drawing to look at, here is one

Take a picture of your Scream from Nature

Share it with the world* :


Instagram: Tag your photo with #thescreamfromnature, and location   tag if you want

facebookFacebook: Share and feel free to add you personal comments and where in the world your scream was done

If these options do not suit you, you are welcome to send your Scream from Nature to scream at thescreamfromnature dot com, and we will publish it for you.

Thank you!!

We do have the facts, let's add the feelings and get things moving!


By submittting your photo, you allow us to use the picture freely for future projects. The Scream from Nature aims at spreading the project and your contributions as widely as possible. In addition to our web page, Instagram feed and Facebook page, we are seeking to create attention through printed material, exhibitions and other arrangements. Maybe your picture is selected!

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