An EcoArt project
by Lise Wulff


Speech at the Visiting Center of the Museum of Human Evolution

Before the tree plating event outside the visiting center “Centro de Arqueología Experimental” in Atapuerca, there was a reception for the participants, including speeches. The center is part of the Museo de la Evolucion Humana in Burgos, Spain.

With the presence of the Embassadors and embassies of Norway, Holland, South-Africa, Italy, France and Germany, the Mayor of Atapuerca gave an introduction to the very special area of Atapuerca. Further, the president of the NGO Un Bosque para el planeta Tierra (a Forest for the Planet Earth), Jorge Extramiana, talked about his global tree planting project.

Then, artist and founder of the Scream from Nature, Lise Wulff, gave a speech  about her project, as well as her art works in nature. As the Scream from Nature is inspired by the Scream of Edvard Munch, she also talked about how Munch looked upon nature and gave some examples of his works showing the connection between humans and nature.

Special thanks to Rodrigo Alonso at the Museo de la Evolucion Humana in Burgos for great support throughout the whole tree planting session and related events.

Lise Wulff


No 1: Lise Wulff in front of her land art work Woven Water
No 2: The Mayor of Atapuerca speaking
No 3: Lise Wulff in front of The Kiss by Edvard Munch
No 4: Edvard Munch: Notes, Separation © Munch Museum / Munch-Ellingsen Group / BONO, Oslo 2012
No 5: Lise Wulff, Woven Water
No 6: Lise Wulff, Some Day, I’ll go my Own Way