An EcoArt project
by Lise Wulff


Project Launch outside Oslo City Hall

The world’s first Scream from Nature was made outside the City Hall of Oslo, December the 1st, 2012. 

See the project launch here >>>, and the TV news here >>>.

The eco art project The Scream from Nature was launched with the presence of Oslo’s Mayor Mr. Fabian Stang, the CEO of the environmental NGO Bellona, Nils Bøhmer, the General Secretary of Norway Cup, Frode Kyvåg, and the artist and founder of the project, Lise Wulff. Three hundred torhces lit up the dark, and many people participated in this very first Scream from Nature event.

Did you know that if all Norwegians recycled the empty t-light metal cups, it would equal 30.000 bickes a year? The Scream from Nature is an evironmental art project that is included in the celebration of Edvard Munch’s 150th anniversary. The Norwegian artis Lise Wulff is the founder of the project, and she collaborates with Munch150, UNEP, Bellona, Pure CSR and PanStudios, as well as Serbian artist Branislav Nikolic. Wulff wishes to inspire to more recycling and a wiser consumption, through linking Edvard Munch’s world famous the Scream and one of our time’s anxiety drivers – the climate challenge.

Let’s take action for the environment

Lise Wulff, artist and founder of the Scream from Nature

A contribution that may seem like a drop in the ocean for one person, is in total a big contribution for nature. A few years ago, it was common to throw glass, metal and electronics in the same trashcan. In Norway and in many other countries, this is unthinkable today. Still, the rate of recycling can improve, both in Norway and in other parts of the world.  The Scream from Nature seeks to create an understanding for the importance of this.

One of the largest environmental challenges we are facing is apathy, that people stop caring

Nils Bøhmer, CEO of the environmental NGO Bellona

The project is a contemporary interpretation of Munch’s masterpiece the Scream. where the iconic anxitey-ridden face is recreated in large format. Several Scream from Nature arrangements are planned in different parts of the world, and the project has  already got international reputation through the fact that United Nations Environment Programme wishes to take part.

– Next summer, during the world’s largest youth football tournament, Norway Cup, we will gather youth from the whole world in a large Scream from Nature, says Lise Wulff. Wulff hopes to reach out to people in all countries, and especially the younger generations.

– During our arrangements, we focus on making Screams from Nature with either plastic, metall or electronic waste, and recycle it after on. The most imortant, still, is to inspire people all over the world, to express their Screams, and share them through Instagram or our Facebook pages. In that way we hope to spread a message to politicians and dicision makers that people want action, for example that the recycling issues are put higher on the agenda in more countries than today, says Wulff.

Why link the Scream with an environmental project? Munch wrote about his masterpiece that he “felt a huge unending scream course through nature”. Now we hear other “screams” from nature; extreme weather, melting glaciers, extinction of animal and plant species, droughts and floods. Lost resources shall find their way home.