An EcoArt project
by Lise Wulff


Collaboration with the Museum of Human Evolution in Spain

The Museum of Human Evolution of Burgos exhibits the findings of the Sierra de Atapuerca excavation site. It is also a research senter and conveys the scientific interpretations of the findings and the theories drawn from them.

Within a spectacular and symbolic architecture, the MEH aims at explaining important issues about our past, present and future as species. The museum offers a holistic vision of human presence on the Earth and the new theories about human evolution.

The MEH has a visiting center in UNESCO world heritage site Atapuerca; el Centro de Arqueología Experimental. Outside this fascinating building, 700 trees will be planted in a Scream from Nature. The firs years, the trees – called majuelos in Spanish – will be covered with protective tubes. When the tubes can be removed, a time laps camera will document the growth and seasonal changes of the trees.


Photo no 1: El Centro de Arqueología Experimental en Atapuerca

Photo no 2, 3: El Museo de la Evolucion Humana en Burgos

Phot no 4: El Museo de la Evolucion Humana en Burgos, with the cathedral in the back ground